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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ridgeville needs a bridge

As I've worked to layout the community of Ridgeville, one thing that keeps bothering me is how its isolated from the model 'real world'. There it sits on the ridge with no visible road providing access. I need to install a bridge, even if it just leads "off the layout".

It should be a small bridge befitting the isolated and lower income nature of Ridgeville. I'm leaning toward using the Plasticville covered bridge because a.) I already have one and b.) its not uncommon to find small bridges of a similar type used as overpasses for the railroad tracks.

But to get the clearance over the adjacent tracks, there has to be one heck of a steep approach road to the brigde. Like something with a 30% grade. Its steep - and steep enough to confine traffic to cars and light trucks. Which is perfect for Ridgeville.

So now I'm shaping styofoam to build the approach ramp into town and trying to figure out how to squeeze it onto the ridge without cutting the church off from the community. I'll try and post some pictures in the next week or so.

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