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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's electric!

I've had the three loops of track laid in for a few months now. But I had managed to assemble it as basically one big circuit - one transformer powered everything and everything got the same amount of current. After mulling this over for MONTHS, I took the first steps to create separate blocks. The good news - I am now using two transformers. The bad news - only two tracks operational.

This is okay - I need to thing this one through so that the cross overs are wired correctly so they will receive power from at least one of the power transformers.

Not related to the power, but I installed another corner piece to even out the 90 degree corners and provide a buffer between the table edge and the tracks.

Lastly - I need a follow up post that should be titled "Why didn't I take shop in High School?" There are lots of basic things  that I don't seem to know. More on that later.

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