The Roster

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Blue Wire, or the red wire?

Been a while since I've posted! I've made good progress. The first loop has its permanent wiring in place. Good power feed all around the layout now.

I've moved on to laying roadbed and track for the outer loop. Ran out of Roadbed, so waiting for the next shipment of the Californa Roadbed companies Homabed to finish the north end of the loop. Ran into a small problem on one section. I found that the subsuface and the roadbed didn't mesh well. The result was a 'curb' on the roadbed where it transitioned from flat to a grade.Soooo...we grabbed the Zona saw and the putty knife and pried the defective roadbed out of the way and added about 10" of slope starter from Woodland Scenics. Its looking much better and prototypical.