The Roster

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The New York Central Wreck Train

No...its not a wreck. This is the train you send in to clean up the wrecks. A diesel switcher pulling a heavy crane, a floodlight and some cars to cart the scrap and service the crane.

The wreck train headed up by a Baldwin S-12 Switcher

The operating  floodlight car - it really does light up when the track is powered!

The Brownhoist crane car. This is a heavy piece of rolling stock with 6 wheel trucks.

The crane work car. Its a combination caboose and flat car. This is the companion piece to the Brownhoist crane. As you can see they fit together as a nice unit.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New American Flyer Mill Gondola with coil covers

My new American Flyer car arrived today - A Pennsylvania mill gondola with coil covers. It is a good addition to the two other gondola's with coil covers that American Flyer has produced - the Bethlehem Steel gondola and the EJ&E car from the NASG. Its not a bad car, but the overall tuscan red paint job is sort of...boring.

Here are some photos of the new car.

New out of the box!

The coil covers don't quite cover the entire gondola.

Close up of the coil cover showing the detail of the brackets and grab wires.

Nice detail on the end of the coil cover.

The covers stack up - just like the prototype

The interior paint is a little uneven.