The Roster

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We want...another shrubbery! (or at least work on the layout)

No, no shrubbery yet, but I've made progress since the last post. Mostly laying down a base coat of paint and,  getting tunnel portals installed and painted and some miscellaneous track laid in the south yard.

The north yard viewed from the west. The base paint coat provides some character and defines the stream.

Two Plasticville ranch homes provide some color.

A woman with two kids awaits a train.

The south portal.

Different view showing the tunnel runs under 'tracked ridge'.

The cut on Tracked Ridge.

Looking back at the previous photograph from the north.

The North Portal. (And repuposed Lionel portal, cut down to S.)

The ranch homes are in the curve in front of the north portal.

The Long Cut on the east face of Tracked Ridge.

The south yard now has its first staging track installed. (The one of the left is temporary floating track.)