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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walkaround video of the SD70

A short video walkaround of the new SD70ACe

The new American Flyer SD70ACe is out!

Last year (a long long time ago) Lionel announced a new S locomotive - the SD70ACe. Being a sucker for a modern locomotive I immediately ordered on in Norfolk Southern livery. On February 20, 2013, the new locomotive arrived at my home. I think it was worth the wait.

Externally, this a gorgeous piece of equipment. I expected as much as this followed on the heels on the "legacy" equipped U33C in 2012. The level of detail is excellent.

The SD70 is another in the line of Legacy equipped locomotives and you really need a legacy system to get all the value out of this item. But even running in conventional mode, this will be a real treat hauling a string of intermodal containers or some of the long awaited cylindrical grain hoppers.

Fresh out of the box 1011 sits with crew in the cab.

Rear end showing the cooling fans and dynamic brakes. The fan cowling lifts off to reveal the controls.

The detail on the lettering is excellent.

The coupler and the stairs pivot independently of the trucks.

Lionel did not use the fuel tank mounted motors as they did on the U33C. 
Instead, they appear to have gone with a tower drive for the SD70.Note the lettering on the truck frame.

Nice detailing with the ditch lights, MU hoses and grab rails.