The Roster

Saturday, November 12, 2016

New camping addition for the layout scenery.

I had the opportunity to pick up some additional scenery details in the past week. Both are from Miniature Building Authority, a manufactuer of resin accessories for table top gaming.

One item is this excellent resin casting of a dome tent for outdoor camping.

A Greenlight VW camper van with the MBA dome tent front and center.  Picnic bench and figures are from ERTL products.

Here the tent is rotated about 45 degrees to show off the sides and conver. This tent will need to be painted to use. It's a solid resin casting. 

The other item from MBA are convienience store shelves. I have one set of these shelves, but an additional set will be used to fill the foreground in a Plasticville supermarket building to give a better sense of depth and detail on the layout.