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Monday, May 16, 2016

Unboxing the new MTH TOFC with 48' trailer van

At the recent 2016 Spree, I purchased the new MTH TOFC flat car with 48' van. It's a nice car with a new van style that adds variety to the trailer offerings available in S Gauge. Here's a video of pulling it out of the box, followed by a few images and commentary.

So, that's the video overview. Here are a few pictures showing the car and trailer, with some comparisons to old SHS cars and trailer for contrast.

The flat cars are available in two road numbers.

That is one pretty van!  MTH did a nice job with these. I wonder if they will be available separately?

The MTH van on the right. You can see that the trailer hitch post on the MTH is maybe twice the diameter of the old SHS post. It makes for a very snug fit on the fifth wheel.

The overall flat black car is somewhat boring, but it does serve to place focus on the colorful trailer van.

MTH car and trailer on the left. Old SHS car and trailer on the right. The new 48' van really fills up the car nicely!

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  1. Nice review. I think I like the new trailer better, but like the old flat car better.